Friday, March 1, 2013


November 27, 2012

You surprise me sometimes- you show me little pieces of yourself almost everyday and no, I'm not talking about when you are trying to be funny and joking around. I'm talking about your serious side. Although, I do love it when you make me laugh, it is your caring heart that makes me love you more.

I respect you, and I think that is something special. It's not the kind of respect that I have for others that is a result of me being able to appreciate them for being different- like one of my teachers at school. She can be mean or come off that way becasue she is sarcastic to people and kinda has a good way of making them feel dumb.

Well, I have respect for her because first of all, I think it's kinda funny when she does that except when she does it directly to me, but other people in the class hate her. I see past all that and see that she is one of the smartest teachers.

But, you, it's not having to see past things, it's admiring you for you. Today, you were talking about your father and how you are trying to put him as one of your dependents so that you can help him be able to go to the doctor (if he will go) to get help for his memory problems. You have the biggest heart out of everyone I know (besides myself, I think we are pretty tied).

I also think it makes me admire you when you talk about doing the colours- The way you have so much honor in doing it.

Always, Always

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