Sunday, March 17, 2013

moment to know love

December 18, 2012

About a week or two ago, I asked my roommates if there was a day/moment that they knew that they loved each other. Both of them said that they just started hanging out alot and over time they knew.

Well, I asked you the same question and was surprised that you said you knew you loved me at the military ball our senior year of high school. That was about five or so years ago. I came up to you at the ball and started talking to you and somehow it made your night. Had you asked me to dance, I would have said yes.

It's crazy to think that you have loved me that long, and I just let you go-that I didn't see that. I should have grabbed you up quick.

I waited freaking five years before I was ready- ready for an amazing man like you.

I knew I loved you as a friend, since we all started going out for lunch senior year everyday after school. You were the sweet, goofy, nerd that you still are today, but less scraggly (the Marines cleaned you up). You were Todd and there is really no other way to describe you.

And that chuckle of yours that I love so much- you used to do it all the time back then too.

I knew I loved you on August 25, 2012- I know, finally right? It was the day we started talking everyday and the day I made up in my mind that you were the man for me.

Todd, I will always love you with all of me- you have changed my life so much already and I am looking forward to many years of being happy with you.

Always, Always

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