Friday, March 1, 2013

evening star

November 28, 2012

Days are long and nights are cold, the rivers run
I'm swept away down distant paths, the road goes on
From the halls of the free to the tower of torment
Where treasures lie in mountains high
The silent fields of stars so far and wide
The oceans of infinity, the great divide
In the heavens on high is a light so lonely
The evening star that shines so far

When home is far behind and ever the long roads wind
I keep your memory in my mind, one day I'll repay in kind
For so long as I've gone and so far I've wandered
The evening star has shown thus far

River rushing, waters wide, just north of there
Oh that I was home again and home was here
And the fire was warm and the wind would whisper
You're home again, on roofs the rain

Evening star by: tyr

--It is sweet of you to put me in your facebook status- that you have been thinking about me. I had a smile from ear to ear when I saw that, and I feel special/lucky that you would think of me as your evening star.

Always, Always

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