Sunday, March 17, 2013

Your mom

December 16, 2012

Today, I went to meet your mom with Bjorn too of course. She loved him- it was different than I thought it would be. You make her seem like more of a cold/mean lady, but she was not like that at all.

She was very nice and somewhat shy-kinda like me I think. They say the person you end up falling in love with is like your mom if you are a guy and well I think maybe that is true.

She gave Bjorn some Christmas presents, and he helped me open them- he loved them of course- a new toy and some bones to chew on. She also got me some presents, which I will be waiting to open later :) I guess maybe that means she likes me- and I know she likes our sweet puppy Bjorn.She also called herself Bjorn's grandma-so that is a good thing.

Chipper, your cat, wasn't very interested in Bjorn- as expected- but he didn't seem to hate him at least. Your mom would bring Chipper over by Bjorn, and he would stay about a minute in her arms and then go away where he could watch us from a distance.

I am hoping we got some good pictures- Leanne came over and took some of Bjorn.

Also your mom was showing me some pictures of your husky Wolf, and I saw some pictures of you in Kindergarten...Well, guess what! I was in your class and there are a few pictures of me in there too- it was so cool to see that.

Always, Always

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