Monday, February 25, 2013


November 20, 2012

It's been a while since I have written, but I have been busy with school and our sweet baby puppy. Since I've gotten Bjorn, I hang out in the living room with him and my roommates are in there too, so I'm not going to write out there- I need it to be quiet to think.

Tonight, I went to see your family. Of course, they all loved Bjorn, and they seemed to like my peppermint bark that I made for them as well.

At first, Tara stopped and talked to me. And we tried to skype you, but it wasn't working very well. Later, she was all over the place, so I kinda had to walk around and find something to do. I felt out of place, but then I got to talk to Leighton, your step brother, and some of the band members too.

Leighton told me some stories about you. He told me that you used to talk to Tara about me back around high school. He also told me the story of when you got poison ivy or oak which ever it was. Leighton kept saying "I hope Todd doesn't get mad at me for telling you all this" and "I hope you don't think badly of Todd." I told him at first that I wanted to know everything about you. Then, later I said that I am in love with you, so that is why I want to know and that you shouldn't be mad about that.

I guess it was a really good thing that Tara was so busy because that gave me some time with them and not always just with her.

I guess I made a pretty good impression, since Leighton told you that I am cool and to treat me right. I am hoping to keep making a good impression.

Always, Always

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