Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Godfather to Father

October 22, 2012

On September 7th, you told me "At least now I won't be the godfather, I'll be the father." Since before we were only friends, and you always liked to say you would be the godfather if I ever had kids.

I would love for you to be the father. There is no one else I could ever think of that would be a better father to my children (our children).

Since then you have brought up the topic of names, which I thought was different for a guy to do, but I mean you are different anyway (in a good way of course). You have told me a few times how your family names their children with names that start with T. There aren't a whole lot of T girl names that I like and well you know I'm kinda stuck on the name Norah for a girl anyway.

I decided to make a deal with you and let you name our first child if it's a boy and me name it if it's a girl. Then, if we have a second child, which I'm hoping for two, then whoever didn't name before gets to name it.

Either way, when it comes down to it- I really just care about being with you and being able to have kids with you one day.

Oh yeah and I gotta add in that I'll hopefully be the ones to dress our kids to prevent you from putting our possible future son in crazy clothes like you said you would.

Always, Always

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