Saturday, February 23, 2013


November 7, 2012

Today, I went to go visit Tara, your step mom. You dared me to, so I had to go. It's been years since I have seen her.

My heart was pounding as I ordered our coffee to take to her  (because you told me to take coffee to her), and I could barely tell the lady what I wanted to order. I was very nervous- can you tell?

I just wanted her to well 1st be home and 2nd know who I was/recognize me and 3rd and most important like me. I think I got all those, or at least the 3rd one is an ongoing hope.

We talked alot about you. She said how she was glad we are together, and she couldn't wait to see us together when you are home.

I loved hearing her call you Toddy; it's very cute. It's so different hearing someone else talking about you; hearing someone else's point of view.

 I could tell she really cares about you and not only wants what is best for you but also wants you to have the things you want. I can't believe that one day she might be my mother-in-law. That I am 100% ok with. She is such a nice person.

Another thing that is different is hearing someone besides you talk about how in love with me you were back around high school. I may not have seen it back then (probably was the only one who didn't), but now I never want us to stop loving each other. Promise me forever.

Always, Always

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