Friday, February 22, 2013

does that make me crazy

November 4, 2012

Sometimes having you all the way across the world and me here gets hard. Your busy, and I'm busy, and well, sometimes I'm not that busy. I start being like a crazy girl and thinking way too much. I send you way too many messages, and sometimes they don't get answered. And then, my feelings are hurt.

I need to quit driving myself crazy and just take things slow- you know? Like get my feet wet, but it feels like I've done jumped all the way in the pool.

I am a perfectionist. That is probably why I am so serious because I am trying to make everything just so. I am sorry I am so difficult.

I am hoping that you will still love me even after you are here, and I have a chance to show you how I really am in relationships and not just in a friendship.

Well, I guess something that is good is that you don't have to worry about me not loving you because, if you decide you do want to be with me, I will love the shit outta you until and if you decide you don't.

You have been such a great boyfriend, and I mess things up by thinking too much, making things complicated, and not just being patient.

I forget things and need to be reminded; I hope you don't mind reminding me. - this was a hard day, I was sad and just couldn't seem to not be sad.

Always, Always

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