Saturday, February 23, 2013


Novemeber 8, 2012

Today was intense to say the least. We had to wait and find out if we were going to be able to adopt Bjorn. I was so happy/excited when my roommate (who works at an animal shelter) called to say we got him.

 I know he will be a gread dog for you to have, and I can't wait for you to see him in person. Until then, he will be great for me because he can keep me busy while you are busy, and I won't get so lonely.

It surprised me to see you posting pictures and your status on facebook- you called him ours and said your family was growing. It made me feel very special; closer to you because we have something together.

 As I write this, he is eating his bone and laying on his big comfy bed. I am already working on spoiling him.

I don't think I could say this enough, but I am so thrilled that we are together. You have always been the perfect guy for me. I can't wait till you come home, so we really can start our adventure together and now also with Bjorn. I love you so very much Todd

Always, Always


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