Thursday, May 2, 2013

You and Bjorn

February 3, 2013

Today I was thinking alot about you and Bjorn. I took him to the field to play while I studied, but after, I walked around with him and just admired him for a while. I have only had him for a few months, and he has grown so much not just in size (he has pretty much doubled in size), but also in how smart he is.

He has been house trained, he knows how to come, he knows when it's time for bed, he raises his legs for me to put on his harness, he knows when he is in trouble, and I swear he knows what I am saying most of the time.

I wish you were here because you are missing out on some of this, but I know when you get here you will grow close to him and will love him as much or more than I do (if that is possible). I can't wait for you to be with us at the field to play- we can really feel like a family then.

I feel like Bjorn our child, and I think if ever we do have kids and if for some reason you are gone with the military, all of this experience with Bjorn will make it somewhat easier because I will almost know what it is like.

I love you Todd and am thrilled for our future together- there are so many good things in store for us. I am so happy I am going to be able to share those things with you.

Always, Always

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